What is your current lead time?

The van conversion industry is experiencing a surge in overall interest and demand, and for this we are grateful. At this time, our production slots are full through the 2024 calendar year. Our next available build date is January, 2025. Once a new van arrives at our shop, the build process Averages five months from start to finish. 

We'd love to hear about what you are in need of. for the most up-to-date lead times and any questions, please contact us

How much does a van build cost?

Think of building your adventure vehicle like you would building a home. After all, this is a mobile living and recreating space! Just like building a custom home, cost all depends on what floor plan, features and fit and finish you choose. Because there is a wide array of options and cost considerations we tend to give you a "good, better, best" set of options and let you dictate the parameters. The process begins with a build sheet conversation, where we talk budgets and options for your build. We are always transparent with costs and are happy to offer leads if we're not the right fit for you.

Do you sell me the van?

No, we do not. Benchmark Vehicles supplies the build contract, and the client supplies the blank cargo or crew van. That said, more often than not we assist in the van purchasing process, allowing our clients to utilize our close connections with our partner dealerships. We help find vans, and work directly with our clients on the van build sheet from the dealer with specifications. We advise on what packages we are looking for in the van, and exactly what specifics should be included in the van package.

Is there a standard build package?

Our builds are made for you. From the floor plan to the colors, textures and little extras, your vehicle will reflect your tastes and functional requirements. Nearly anything you can imagine, we can build - including exterior features like lifts, tires, racks, lights, bumpers, tanks, guards, etc., as well as interior touches like cabinetry, plumbing, electrical, seating, bedding and more.

Why aren't you doing any more build outs on Transits?

In 2021, we transitioned away from Transit projects to better streamline our processes and increase production efficiency. It’s a big shift for Benchmark. Ultimately, it’s the right call for us, and we’re confident it’s the right call for our clients, as demand continues to shift toward the Mercedes Sprinter platform.

Anyone who’s worked extensively on both a Transit and Sprinter chassis knows that Sprinter allows for more straightforward customization and servicing, offers the same reliable performance, and has much broader availability of high-quality after-market components than Transit. Diesel fuel, standard with Sprinter, means higher miles per gallon (MPG) with better options for heating and cooking systems.

Focusing on a single platform means we’re channeling all our efforts to continuously innovate and add value to the exceptional designs and builds Benchmark is known for. We’re also deepening our relationships with Mercedes dealers, making it easier for us to help source vans for clients who might otherwise be frustrated in a high-demand, low supply market.