The Build Sheet

Each project is as unique as the client it's built for. Your adventure begins with a conversation to understand your vision, signature style and budget. That conversation generates a build sheet, which serves as the wish list for your escape vessel.

Conceptual Design

Here's where things start to get real! Working from your wish list and vehicle specifications, you help sketch out the floor plan for the build.

Final draft

After refining details on the floor plan, we move to final draft: interactive CAD drawings to give you a sense of overall look and feel along with confidence in the finer details. With your sign-off, we move forward to fabrication.


During this time we are working diligently on building your escape. Quality is our top priority. While we endeavor not to delay your eagerly-awaited adventures, we never rush or take shortcuts. As your build comes to life we send progress photos and maintain open channels for communication.

the result is your ultimate escape, an extraordinary adventure van completely custom to your vision and needs.

Ready for your own benchmark van?